clengb (clengb) wrote,

question from last week

why did I return to work so fast was the question of Tom last week. I could have given him a flip answer but because I sensed he was really interested to know, I gave it to him. Truth is, it's because of the money. But more than the money, I need something to do besides taking care of my newborn. I feel that I appreciate Gela more when I have some time in the day apart from her. Every time my class ends, I always feel this sense of urgency to get home as fast as I can--to see Gela, to hold her, and to feed her. My maternal instinct is at its peak  during these times. I love my baby with a fierceness only a doting mother could understand. And I equally love my other two--and it's because of them that I decided to work when i could have just chosen to be a SAHM (stay-at-home mom). They are accustomed to a certain lifestyle already and I don't want them to feel deprived of anything.
people in school said i'm superwoman, maybe I am:).
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