clengb (clengb) wrote,

anything goes part 1

after all the anticipation of Christmas, I now feel spent. It's like the sensation I always get after the highest fall from a roller coaster has been surpassed..not a totally bad feeling but there's a pang of longing. I have to wait another year for the heady Christmas rush. At the back of my mind, the anticipation for the New Year's Eve celebration is slowly taking shape. I'm hopeful that all will be swell.
tomorrow i have my last class before the winter vacation starts. This would mean lots of free time for me. maybe now, I can really work on my cross-stitch or catch up on my reading. I hope that whatever it is I'll be doing is something away from the computer.
in moments of self-awareness, it dawns on me that I'm becoming the person I most despise--that vile, self-centered, judgmental person that i loathe is coming to be me. I'm not proud of this. I want to be better, not for show but for myself. For more than other people's opinion, it is my opinion of myself that matters.
it's been almost a week since our Tokyo Disney Resort vacation. It wasn't the luckiest of days because hubby and the kids were sick. We had to spend one day cooped up in the hotel room. They were diagnosed with influenza, all three of them. They were prescribed with tamiflu and a handful meds more. We had to cancel our tickets for Disney Sea that day and reschedule for the next day. They were feeling a bit better so we went and enjoyed ourselves in spite of the flu.
I'll go back to Tokyo Disney Resort if only for the popcorn. I swear, I didn't have any idea that there were so many popcorn flavors out there: curry, salt, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, black pepper etc.
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