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dropping oca off etc.

this day and yesterday made me so physically and emotionally-drained. i don't have the energy to type this but i'm pushing on because i want quite badly to document my thoughts while they're still fresh. this morning we dropped oca off at naia for his trip to sapporo.( i'm proud of you oca for being so on-the-go.) before the airport, we had to make a detour to Bulacan State University to make an appeal to the Evaluating Body of the regional SUCs that gave Oca a rank of Professor I as opposed to the pre-computation done at ASCOT. Knowing Oca, I knew he wouldn't be content in letting it rest if only to know the reason for the discrepancy. Frankly, I was a bit worried because it was a Friday, therefore Flyday, in most government offices (am not kidding, this is true!). Lucky for us, the Evaluators were there and they were able to answer oca's queries. In fairness to my hubby, his persistence was rewarded because he reached Professor II. And one step higher is better than no step at all. (I learned yesterday that people vying for professorship must undergo a panel interview before they could be full-pledged.) So after BulSU, we drove to Pasay, to MOA, to buy his things to bring. The traffic was worse than ever, congestion was due to road construction apparently. At last, at past 7pm, we were at MOA, looking for a parking space took so much time. We were confused as to what to do first. We had the 3 kids with us, and daddy (Oca's dad) and Obet, his brother who so gamely acted as driver. The kids wanted to ice skate so we bought 3 tickets for them and left them in the care of lolo and tito obet. Oca and I meanwhile took that chance to hurriedly buy his omiyage (souvenirs) for his labmates and senseis. He brought his luggage (he decided to buy a much larger one) long-sleeved shirts, a couple of pants, and personal stuff in under an hour which was no mean feat as there was a RED Tag sale going on at the mall and the place was crowded. I shopped for his meds at Watsons (just the essentials). I couldn't buy any for his blood pressure 'coz I didn't have doctor's prescription with me. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your bp remains stable, dear). We promised the kids that we would eat at their favorite buffet place but it was far from where we were, so we opted for Ramen Nagi instead, which was okay because I missed ramen. We had Butao, Black Ramen, and Chashu Rice. Not contented, Kahlil had two orders of takoyaki from nearby stall. We were dead tired na so we drove to SOGO, our usual place to stay in Manila or elsewhere. The first SOGO branch we went to had a long-waiting list, so we looked for another branch. We were in our rooms at 11pm.( Good thing we had a senior citizen with us plus a SOGO card and that took care of the discount.) This morning we had a quick breakfast and then we dropped Oca off at NAIA. Kara was teary-eyed when her tatay went inside the NAIA building and she was constantly asking when tatay will come home. When I told her, she started counting the days. She then asked for a paper and pencil where she drew a picture of her and tatay together with a caption and a short note below it. I should remember to take a photo of it for documentation. I hope and pray that you arrive safe and sound Oca, and like Kara I'm counting the days, too:-). Enjoy your stay there and think of me when you're eating ramen or our favorite Indian curry at Mohan Dish:-). After typing this, I'm feeling better already! I won't even write here the impossible traffic we had to go through before we could finally be home here in Baler.
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